Constitution and Bylaws


Eyes On Byron 


1.0  Name

1.1   The name of this organization shall be Eyes On Byron

1.2   In This Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires, “EoB” or “Organization” means Eyes on Byron.

2.0  Purpose

2.1   EoB is a volunteer run organization dedicated to educating and supporting the community in all areas of crime prevention.  The purpose of the organization is to promote, facilitate and coordinate crime prevention measures and community engagement within the community of Byron including, but not limited to, the following:

i) Bring the community together through events and social activities

ii) Create relationships with City Hall and other community programs 

iii) To act in the best interests of the Byron community

3.0  Annual Statement of Purposes

3.1   In addition to the general purposes listed in 2.1, the Executive Committee at or near the beginning of each fiscal year shall adopt by majority vote a broad statement of EoB goals for that year.  The President shall present said statement to the membership for debate, amendments if any, and adoption by the majority vote.

3.2   Purposes additional to the forgoing, the organization shall have the following powers, said powers being alterable, namely;

i) to receive funds and assets to apply in furthering the purposes of EoB; and

ii) to enter into any contract or arrangements with any person, cooperation or institution which may further the purposes of EoB.

4.0  Personal Financial Gain

4.1   The affairs of EoB shall be conducted so as to promote the purposes of EoB, and EoB shall not carry on any activities for the purposes of personal financial gain of members.  The provision of this paragraph is unalterable.

5.0  Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

5.1   Any member may propose an amendment to the constitution and bylaws at any general meeting of EoB.  If such an amendment is endorsed by three other members not related to the member of the proposed amendment shall be placed into the form of special resolution, advertised in the notice of meeting of the next general meeting and shall be voted on at this general meeting of EoB.

5.2   Such Amendments shall receive the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a duly constituted general meeting of EoB.

5.3   A quorum shall consist of at least two thirds of the ordinary members.  Where the exigencies of attendance dictate otherwise, the President or Vice President may ask for a motion that the percentage of members present to be considered to constitute a quorum.

6.0  Dissolution

6.1   If EOB is dissolved at anytime, no part of the funds or property shall be distributed to or amongst its members, but after payment of all indebtedness of EoB, the remaining funds or property shall be donated to an approved charity to be determined by the members of EoB.



Eyes on Byron


1.1   In these bylaws, unless the context otherwise requires.

i) Directors mean the members of the executive committee of the organization for the time being.

ii) Organization and EoB means the Eyes on Byron


2.1   The officers of EoB shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

2.2   The executive committee of EoB shall consist of officers of the organization, the immediate past President if the person is available to serve, and such additional members as required and approved by the EoB executive.

2.3   The executive committee , through the President, shall be responsible to the members of EoB for efficient management and operations of the organization and must comply with all the policies of the organization.

2.4   The membership will elect the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary at the AGM.

2.5   All changes in the committee members shall be announced to the membership.


3.1   President shall preside over all the meetings, The President will review, approve or delegate such authority with respect to any official communication, decisions and opinions with the media, City Council or other organizations.  Shall sign all cheques with the treasurer, sign all contracts with the secretary, and call a special meeting a necessary.

3.2   Vice President will preside at all meetings that the President is unable to attend.

3.3   Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings or make arrangements to do so.  The secretary shall be responsible for delivery of the meeting minutes to the executive within 2 weeks.

3.4   Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies entrusted to the EoB and will be prepared to present a financial report at the AGM as well to the executive when requested.


4.1   There shall be an annual general meeting every year in January (excluded January 2020).  Notification of the meeting will be sent out to the membership at least 14 days before the meeting.


5.1   Nominations for elected positions with the EoB will be accepted at the general meeting immediately prior to the AGM.  All persons nominated for a position with the EoB will have the opportunity to address the membership at the AGM, after which a vote will take place via ballot.  In the absence of a nominee the position will remain vacant until such time when a person wishes to assume the position which must be approved by the executive.


6.1   No person or persons will solicit funds or donations on behalf of the EoB without expressed written authority by the executive.

6.2   The funds of the EoB will be dispersed on the authority of the executive committee.

6.3   All Disbursements of EoB shall be by cheque on the account of the EoB and held at a chartered bank or credit union

6.4   All cheques drawn on the account of the EoB shall be prepared by the treasurer and shall be signed by any of the following two: President, Vice President or Treasurer.